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Letter of Recommendation: A Tool that Makes Transcribing Less Like Tooth-pulling

August 18, 2016

Dog Ear Consultants


Transcribing is the worst part of reporting.

Yes, sometimes the process is helpful. You can remember details from the conversation that you’d neglected to add during your interview. It can re-center your writing. It forces you to confront your awkward pre-interview patter.

But mostly, it’s mundane labor. And no one becomes a writer to do mundane labor. You can send your stuff out to be transcribed, but it’s usually expensive ($100+) and potentially time-consuming.

Enter Trint.

Trint lets you upload your audio file and uses speech-recognition to transcribe it. At $.25/minute, an hour-long interview is $15.

The transcription is not perfect. There are strange new words introduced that can only be formed by an algorithm-driven program. But they make correcting the transcript really easy. Here’s a little promo video they have:

Disclaimer: Trint’s not paying us. We don’t have some cushy board seat or a piece of the IPO. We just think it might be a budget-friendly and efficient way to get through the boring work of transcribing your interviews.

That way, you can get to the fun stuff: Figuring out who you are going to interview next.


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  1. Lucianna Ciccocioppo #
    August 18, 2016 charges the same amount—and it’s done by a live person …. Just fyi. Thanks for the tip.

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