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Trend Watch: 80s Rule

August 23, 2013

Dog Ear Consultants

There’s this design trend we’ve been seeing lately from some of the cool kids (NYT mag, Bloomberg Businessweek) that appears to involve art directors pulling out their old grade school computer science textbook and employing it as a design muse.

tumblr_mfgaxphxfm1r9zbojo1_500 The 80s are big. The kids these days are running around looking like they’re front row at an early Sugarhill Gang show. Eventually that was going to find its ways to runways and mag pages.

In some cases, notably these pages from the NYTimes mag (below), we’re not sure we even have the vocabulary necessary to define what kind of minimalist retro is being employed.

This is probably linked in some way to the rise of Vice or the design establishment’s yearning for the simpler days of yore. Either way, be forewarned, unsuspecting editors: This may soon be coming your way via first design drafts, like it or not. We’d suggest putting on some DeBarge and going with the flow.


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