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Lessons from 30,000 Feet

July 3, 2013

Dog Ear Consultants

On a recent trip, we did what most people do at 30,000 feet once the drink cart has made its way through the cabin. We started peaking around in the chair back pocket, hoping to discover something new this time around. What we found was the latest issue of SKY, the official in-flight publication for Delta. You’d think there wouldn’t be much we as alumni magazine editors can gather from a publication that focuses on travel, but looky here:


SKY does a great little infographic called “1 City 5 Ways” that breaks down a city into digestible bits of cool stuff. In the issue we happened to be pawing through on this particular trip, SKY took on New York and broke it down into Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Each “area” then had cool tips for things to see and do. Seems to us, this might be a great way to handle that same old, same old reunion preview coverage. Readers can use the issue as a guide to planning the big trip–and those who aren’t attending reunion get a glimpse of a campus they likely haven’t seen in years.

Remember: This would need to include items that are much more fun than new buildings. Tell readers that they can’t leave campus without trying the new flavor at the ice cream shop. Give them tips for restaurants or events in town. Tell them about the new IPA from the local brewery. Or the best gifts to bring home for the family from the alumni-owned gift shop in town or even the bookstore. And, of course, don’t forget to plug events from the Alumni Association.

Readers will come away with fresh ideas about campus life. The Alumni Association will get their “ad.” And you avoid having to write (yet again): “Join us this summer for a fun-filled weekend of memories!”

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