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In case you missed it …

November 23, 2012

Dog Ear Consultants

Last week, CASE presented a webinar with Tina Hay, editor of The Penn Stater magazine, Jeff Lott, former editor at Swarthmore, and Brenda Foster from Greatest Creative Factor serving as moderator. The panel discussed everything from what makes a great magazine (in short: storytelling) to how to handle controversy (Tina Hay had just a few things to say on the topic) to cats (in our experience, many alumni magazine editors seem to be cat people). In case you missed it, we thought we’d offer a few tidbits from the conversation.

“I see good magazines as gifts from the institution. They reflect the character of the university.” –Jeff Lott

“The thing that differentiates a magazine from the other things you might get from your institution is storytelling.” –Tina Hay

“Cover lines don’t have to be big and have the word ‘sex’ in them, but they do have to compete [with the other publications] on the coffee table.” –Jeff Lott

Think of your magazine as audience-centric, not as an empty vessel into which you can put anything you want your readers to know.” –Tina Hay

And lastly, and possibly, most important:

If you own five or more cats, you are likely insane. If you own four or fewer, you are perfectly normal.


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  1. November 24, 2012

    I really should have explained the cat thing better. The number of cats that would make you a crazy cat lady is always one more than the number you own.

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